Sunday, April 26, 2009

The week that was

My first story for New Zealand Woman's Weekly appeared last week.
Unlike the Australian Woman's Weekly, NZWW, as it's affectionately known, is actually a weekly magazine. However, they do have NZ versions of Woman's Day, New Idea, and the Australian Woman's Weekly.
NZWW is a much-loved Kiwi icon, because it features loads of stories on home-grown celebrities as well as real-life people, and of course, the usual mix of features.

My story on Fair Go host Kevin Milne. Kevin has hosted the same television show, Fair Go - a consumer television program which stands up for ripped off battlers -for 25 years! He also recently turned 60. He was really delightful to talk to, and I could have written realms!

In other news, there was great excitement, as Miss H. got her first wobbly tooth!
About a week later, it fell out, much to her delight. C. lost his 7th tooth recently, so they are a gappy pair!

During a wet weeked, H. enjoyed playing with her Baby Alive baby. We were out of nappies, so she improvised with a bowl for a toilet. So as Baby Alive ate and drank, she also pooed and wee'd into the 'toilet' at the same time. Something strangely disturbing about that. Also, should I be worried that the baby's name is "Bear"?

He won't admit it, but C. loves playing with Baby Alive too. Here's proof! (H. was saying: "You're a good father, C, for helping to feed my Baby Bear.")


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the article, I just wish I could read it but the type is to small. J lost 2 teeth now & a 3rd is on the way out, very exciting. Amber.

Honey the Great Dane said...

Congrats on the article!

That baby sounds like something I had when I was a girl...still quite disturbing, though, about the way things go straight through!

Hope you do make it out to Bethells at some point - it's a fantastic place and very convenient coz it does actually have a 'cafe' & proper toilets...some of the other beaches are more "primitive" and you have to bring your own food, water, etc...
The cave is at the other end of the beach - about a 1/2hr-40mins walk - so your little ones might need breaks on the way!

Muriwai has a great fish & chip shop with fantastic fish burgers...but go in Oct/Nov when the gannet colony is nesting and you can see babies on the nests!

If you go out to the West Coast/Waitakeres, you must stop at the Arataki Visitor's Centre on Scenic Drive (if you haven't been already!) - the kids will love all the educational interactive displays and there is a fantastic view across the Waitakeres - plus very helpful information desk about walks and things to do in the area and maps and books, etc - plus current weather report!


Honey the Great Dane said...

And the best thing about the West Coast is - you can have a great day out, see beautiful scenery, be back home in time for dinner and that it's all free!