Monday, July 20, 2009

Sightseeing and shopping in the Near-Nicky-Nude

We’ve enjoyed a busy few days since our friends from Brisbane arrived in Auckland for a holiday.
So far, they’ve taken in Devonport, Matakana, Otara markets (unfortunately pretty empty due to the weather), Goat Island Marine Reserve, Leigh, Omaha, and Pakiri Beach.
As usual, a key part of our sightseeing has involved sampling Kiwi Cuisine.
And so, the highlight of our trip to Devonport, was lunch at Manuka, a lovely restaurant in the main street. The service was faultless and the food was divine.
And on our trip to the coast, we had a fantastic lunch at the fish and chips shop at Leigh. The food was fresh and delicious, and even the kids devoured every scrap. And the service was friendly and efficient.
Unfortunately, both adult boys came down with a crashing case of Man Flu, so our sightseeing was curtailed a little, as we gave them time to rest and recover.
On Saturday afternoon, while our visitors were admiring the views from the Sky Tower, the kids and I went to the park and did some shopping to give K. some peace.
Imagine our surprise when we popped into New World to pick up some grocery essentials like, erm, ice-cream, when we saw several people parading around in the Near-Nicky-Nude!
To help publicise the NZBodyArt awards, a couple of leading body artists had painted ‘clothes’ on the near-naked bodies of several female and mail models. C’s eyes were like saucers. Near-nudity in the shopping aisles? This would never happen at home!
My camera has died – that will happen when you drop it umpteen times – so you’ll have to wait for photos. (Husband is going to help me put the photos into another camera and upload from there. Because I am technologically-challenged.)
But in the meantime, I’ll leave you with the latest funny item to sell on trademe (NZ’s answer to ebay): a penis-shaped stone. Perhaps it’s a gift for the person who has everything?


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Oh my ! That sounds very ... confronting indeed hehe. As for that penis stone, NZers are a funny bunch aren't they! ;)

Anonymous said...

that's sound very comforting such as stone....

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Honey the Great Dane said...

Wish you got a picture of the bodyart people!!

Eeeuuugghhh...that 'penis stone' is disgusting!

We love Manuka in Devonport too! One of the first places we discovered when we arrived in Auckland!


MrsDesperate said...

Yes, the one time I forget my camera ... actually the kids were telling me to take photos, and were gutted I couldn't!
That would never have happened in Australia - near nudity in the supermarket? There would be an uproar!

Anonymous said...

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