Monday, August 3, 2009

It's a zoo out there...

Today, I have a guest blogger: Husband!
Enjoy ...

"My turn to comment for a change, and let the Trouble and Strife have a break - especially since I took all the photos!
Sunday morning had arrived and the kids were being right little monsters, driving their mother and I Krazy, with a K not a C; )
I decided we need to get out of the house and as the only person in the family who has not been to the Auckland Zoo, voted that we go. Much to C's. disgust ('I've already been there') and H's delight ('I've already been there and it's awesome!')
I think B. thought she was dreaming, especially since I didn’t feel like battling dungeons and dragons and other monsters (aside from the kids that is).
As you can see by the photos that B. has chosen, we had a great time at the Auckland Zoo, apart from how bloody expensive food is! Next time we will pack a lunch! $7 just for a small hamburger or sandwich!!!!
Well, we still managed to enjoy the day and see all of the animals (apart from the penguins, much to H's disappointment.) Her exact words were: "Mumma it's not fair, we didn’t get to see them last time either!!! NOT FAIR!" at the top of her little lungs.
I hope B. puts the pics of the piggies and C. in, cause did they stink or what! And C. was really offended with the smell, hahaha payback for his stinky bott bott!
I do think that there was a very sad part to the trip, being Janie the chimp. One of four chimps brought to the zoo in the 1950s, Janie was used for tea parties with visitors until attitudes to animals finally changed, in 1964.
The last of the tea party chimps Bobbie, died in 2004 and Janie has been on her own, ever since. They can't introduce another chimpanzee due to her age and the fact she is fairly domesticated and couldn't survive with other chimps. She has a toy mobile phone, and get lots of attention from staff, but still : Just the look on her face gave me a lump in the throat, and still does."

Janie the chimp

The Little Dude soon forgot to be bored

Missy Moo enjoyed showing off "her" zoo

What's that stench?

Oh, that's disgusting!

Stinky piggy

Otter goes fishing

Meerkat: "Yeah, I'm looking at you. You got a problem with that?"

Lemurs at lunch

"We like to move it move it" sang H.

Servils grooming each other

There were two-legged animals at the zoo as well!


WendyWings said...

I agree about Janie, so sad. I asked her where her phone was and she knew what I said,I am sure of it she pulled it out and started playing with it.
We had a great day at the Zoo also on Saturday :)

Linda said...

We didn't get the see the Chimps the day we went?? Might have been quite a bit missed with the two kids doing the directing?
Thank B's hubby for giving us your insight into the zoo trip and I must say beautiful photographs duder..

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Hehe love that first pic of the chimp and his expression! And itlooks like thepcie of Zoo food is universal *sigh*

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oooh, I love the "stinky piggy" - soooo cute!!!

That is very sad about Janie - I think in Singapore Zoo, they STILL do tea with the chimps...the thing is, as long as the chimps are enjoying the interaction and supervision makes sure that they are not being harmed, I don't know if I'd object - I mean, for these intelligent creatures, getting to meet different people and interact is probably kinder than just sitting in a cage all day...who knows, they might even enjoy dressing up! I think as long as someone is there making sure the chimps are getting as much out of it as the visitors, then it might not be a bad thing...

Gosh, have to agree about the zoo food - horrendously expensive and not necessarily very good either!

You got some great photos! Lucky to catch so many animals in action - we always seem to just get one little blurry furry face peeking out from behing a bush or something...! :-)

ps. great to meet you all today and hope the kids enjoyed watching the dogs...Honey certainly enjoyed training with H!