Sunday, December 14, 2008

Walking in a Kiwi Wonderland

With the arrival of the Man in Red pending, we decided to take a walk into the Auckland CBD so the kids could visit Santa.

Appparently, Santa has digs in Auckland, and we were able to wander through his enchanted forest and visit him in his cosy sitting room.

Half of Auckland seemed to have the same idea, so after a lengthy wait involving lots of starvation and thirst (the kids can't go five minutes without eating or drinking something apparently), C. and H. were firmly planted on Santa's lap and trying to persuade him they've been good all year. (Chance would be a fine thing...)
I have to admit Santa was probably the loveliest I've ever encountered - very jolly and warm with a lovely voice. I swear he was real, though C. remains to be convinced. Anyway, he was much better than some of the fresh-faced Santas we've seen lurking around the shopping centres here lately. Honestly, one of them looks about 12.

Visiting Santa was so much fun!

Then it was time to refuel at Wendy's. C. ate an entire Baconator, just like his Dad!

On the way home, we stopped at Victoria Park where Telecom have erected an awesome tree of lights. They provide bean bags and deck chairs so you can lie on them at night and gaze up at the lights.
There are also phone booths where kids can dial the North Pole and leave messages for Santa.

"And Santa, can I please have a pony?"

"Would you prefer beer or milk to drink on Christmas Eve?"

Speaking of alcohol, here is my Wine of the Week. It's one I shared with L. and Nana when they were here. Always a sucker for marketing, the temptation of winning a trip to Australia helped twist my arm!
The Stables Ngatarawa chardy was very pleasant, with it's ripe citrus flavours and smooth palate made from a blend of Gisborn and Hawke's Bay grapes. Apparently Ngatarawa (pronounced naa-taa-ra-wa) is Maori for between the ridges. The winery is housed in former racing stables, hence the name.

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Kelley said...

Ooooh I wanna see Santa! Can you swing by there again and ask him if he will bring me a unicorn?

And a bottle of that wine.

And you to come and drink it with me?