Thursday, December 11, 2008

We ran away with the gypsies (kind of)

Did you know there are gypsies in New Zealand?
Neither did we, until we came across a gypsy fair recently.
Of course, we had to stop and investigate, much to the excitement of the kuds (kids).
It was much like a normal fair, except the stall holders travel in gaily-coloured gypsy caravans - no surprises there.

And I guess you normally wouldn't be able to buy a wand, or get a tattoo or piercing at a normal fair.

We didn't plump for the tatts and other gear, but we did give the kids a pony ride. They also tried their hands (mouths?) at blowing darts. Can you believe it is legal to sell them here? Weird. And no, we didn't let C. take one home.

A jumping castle session, and a merry-go-round topped off our day with the gypsies.

And finally, in place of the Wine of the Week, here's proof that my son has gone to the dogs since we moved here. Mmm ... all the goodness and vitality of Chase in every can!

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