Thursday, January 29, 2009

A bump in the night

It had to happen.
We knew all those stairs would get one of us before long. I’ve had a few near-misses, and the kids have skidded down a few of them here and there, and landed in a heap. But so far, so uninjured.
Until this week.
Missy Moo was having a nightmare and Gallant Husband, who is wrapped around her tiny little finger, decided to bring her downstairs to our bed. When suddenly, he missed a step, and came tumbling down the steepest flight of stairs (yep - the ones above), like so many sacks of sand.
Somehow, he managed to hold on to Missy, who escaped with a scratch on her knee. But because he couldn’t put a hand out to save himself, Husband landed pretty heavily on his hip.
Consequently, he is bruised and battered and incredibly sore. But nothing was broken, and Missy – to her credit – didn’t make a fuss. She was more concerned about Dadda than herself. She’s sweet like that.
It’s funny though, because with my track record, we all expected that I’d be the one to take a tumble first.
Because K. was sore and sorry for himself, it was my turn to cook last night, and for once, the kids didn’t cry when I presented them with a version of a Dadda favourite – Japanese curry. Hey, there is hope for me yet!
And finally, due to popular demand, a return to Wine of the Week. This one’s a natty little number that Husband bought back from a work conference, which apparently involved lots of wine tasting. It went down very nicely with his Sunday roast.


Kelley said...


Must give it to your husband though. Mine would have been crying like a baby.

Anonymous said...

J said, they look like some really big steps.
I'm glad your ok.
from J & Amber