Monday, January 26, 2009

Eight is enough

Australia Day? Auckland Anniversary Day? Pah! The real celebration in our household this week, was C’s eighth birthday.
His day started at 5 am, though to give him credit, he grudgingly gave us another hour’s sleep-in before finally dragging us out of bed to watch him open his presents.
Electronic games seemed the order of the day, though he was well-pleased with a watch, clothes, and a long wished-for computer of his own. (It’s K’s old laptop, but still, it’s for his use now – no more begging to ‘have a turn’ on mine when I’m working. Okay, Facebooking or Twittering!)
Because it was a holiday here too, we spent a pleasant morning at Mission Bay, where there was a cool market, delicious food, and gorgeous views of the regatta across the water.
Then it was home to enjoy some of the birthday presents, while H. and I made a cake according to C’s instructions – strawberry flavoured with vanilla icing. To my horror, it came out pretty flat, but the kids loved it and it tasted okay. But clearly, Nigella Lawson is under no threat. (Mind you, I don’t lounge around the kitchen licking my fingers suggestively and making double entrendes about ordinary food like onions and pudding either. “My empty vessels are ready to be loaded” – she purred the other day. Er, she was talking about potato skins.)
Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, the not-so-little Dude’s birthday
One of our family traditions, is that the birthday boy or girl gets to choose what we have for dinner. C., with his love of Kiwi seafood, chose fish and chips. We found an excellent little place just down the road from us at the Auckland Fish Market.
It was cheap, cheerful, and served up probably the best snapper and chips we’ve ever tasted. Seafood in NZ seems to get better every time we try it!
The phone ran hot all day with well-wishers from afar, and there were even a few emails.
It was a great, but exhausting day and guess what? We get to do it all again in a few weeks when the Little Princess turns 6. Apparently, that’s when she can officially call herself a ‘Big Girl”.

French crepes for breakfast

Can't talk, drinking

Missy not impressed that it's time to leave

Playing his character on his own computer

Making aliens out of gloop

Time to cut the cake

The proof is in the eating ....


fruitlady said...

What a wonderful day! I want crepes for brekkie for my b-day!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, A big Happy birthday to you C. It looked like you had a fabulous day. Mum & H made a great cake for you to. Thinking of you, J, R & Amber