Monday, June 29, 2009

Family fun and facepainting

It was a wet and foggy weekend recently, and the kids woke to find the Skytower had disappeared!
“Mumma, where did the Skytower go?” Harmonie said in despair. “Maybe someone chopped it down!”
Luckily, we scored invitations to a family fun day at Auckland’s Ed Hardy store.
Ed Hardy is an incredibly trendy global brand of clothing, bags, sunglasses, hats, shoes and more, often spotted on celebrities.
The Newmarket store was decked out with x-boxes and playstations, and there was Sushi, and bacon and egg sangers to munch on. C. had two!
The kids were lucky enough to have their faces painted by Carmel McCormick, New Zealand’s fabulously talented face painter and body artist. She’s the woman responsible for the hugely successful Air New Zealand ad ‘Nothing To Hide’, which features AirNZ staff in the nicky nude. (Their rude bits are never seen, and their uniforms are painted on).
She was lovely, and just amazing to watch, because she was so talented and so fast.
The kids scored goodie bags filled with chocolate, drinks, and Ed Hardy goodies like mouse pads and stickers.
Even better, they were thrilled to meet two Kiwi celebrities, Lee Donaghue and Bonnie Soper (Hunter and Morgan from Shortland Street). The actors were gorgeous and very sweet with the kids.

Our usual kitchen window view

Not this weekend though

Startstruck! H. with Lee and Bonnie from Shortland Street.

And again with the gorgeous Bonnie

C's face - thankfully not as risque as the AirNZ ad

And Miss H's - she loved the attention!


Honey the Great Dane said...

Looks like the kids really enjoyed themselves! The face-painting job looked really professional - especially on C. ! I wonder if anyone lost their child in the melee and couldn't recognise them? - hee! hee!

I'd never heard of Ed Harding...and I'm in Newmarket almost every weekend! Must keep a lookout now...

Yes, we were out for some of the time in that fog - at Mission Bay with Honey and her beagle friends, actually - and Rangitoto was really beautiful, partly obscured by low cloud/ looked like Mt Fuji!! :-)


Anonymous said...

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