Tuesday, June 16, 2009

He's back...

The Aussies in Auckland were reunited on the weekend, when Husband arrived home after a couple of weeks back in Australia for work.
We always miss him like crazy when he’s away, but this time was even worse, because I managed to mangle my hand when falling up our infamous stairs.
Luckily, I was clever enough to break my left hand instead of the right, so I’m still able to type one-handed (and of course, I had a story deadline to meet that week too!)
The worst thing was that the doctor had to cut off my wedding and engagement rings, because my fingers were so swollen they were cutting off the circulation.
I don’t know what was more traumatic, the brutal treatment of my rings, or my damaged hand!
I didn’t tell Husband, because things always sound worse over the phone, and I didn’t want to worry him.
The kids were fab: Fetching things for me, tying plastic bags over my hands for the shower, opening jars and bottles, and generally being very sweet. C. was thrilled to discover he can now open cans and child-proof lids! (Maybe not a good thing...)
But I think they were relieved when Daddy came home, and took over.
My accident highlighted one of the negatives of living in another country. We have no family here in New Zealand, and though we've made friends, there was no one I felt close enough to, to be able to call on their help for basic things like getting the kids to school, cooking, or even tying my hair back (the kids couldn't quite manage it!)
On Monday, K. went into the office as usual, only to be told, in no uncertain terms, to go home! Apparently, the company’s Swine Flu management plan requires employees to have three days at home if they’ve travelled overseas. (Of course, no one actually thought to tell him that…)
It was great though, as it meant I had two more days to enjoy his company, while he took care of the school run, shopping, and cooking.
I know Swine Flu sucks, but this time it was a blessing!


Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh no!! I didn't realise you were having so much trouble!! You should have told me - I would have been happy to come by and help!! You may not have family here in NZ but you definitely have one friend here who would be very happy to help you - no need to be polite!!

Anyway, glad the hubby is back and lending you a hand - literally!! :-)

Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention last time - yes, you're very welcome to come and watch our 'doggie dancing' competition (the kids would probably love it!) although it's a bit of a pain coz the NZ Kennel Club grounds are out at Ardmore - a bit of a drive! Anyway, it's on July 18th at 3:30pm - and there will be several dogs performing/competing so lots of different dance routines...let me know if you're interested and I can give you directions!



Not long now...........Aussies invading Auckland.... lol

Don Mills Diva said...

Is it terribly insensitive to say "Hooray for swine flu!"

Yes, it is?

Okay, then I won't.:-)