Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another month, another birthday ....

It’s been a busy few weeks, so I’ve been a bit slack about blogging.
With husband away, and school in full swing, non-work-related computer time has been a bit of a scarce commodity.
Thankfully, K. arrived homely safely on Sunday, after the kids and I had spent a fun day at the Auckland Museum. I’ll blog about that later because in the meantime …
The Little Princess turned 6 yesterday!
The morning started with presents, including some which had travelled all the way from Australia – thanks everyone.
After breakfast of sausages, beans and toast – Missy Moo loves sausages – it was time for school.
She skipped along happily, while I trailed behind, loaded down as I was with a huge pink lolly cake, just as requested, to share with her class.
In the afternoon, a special friend from school came home with her for afternoon birthday tea and a play. There was cupcake decorating, a tea party, and plenty of playing with dollies and ponies – much to C’s disgust (though he quite enjoyed the cupcakes!)
One of our family traditions is for the birthday girl or boy to choose what they would like to have for dinner. Last month, the Little Dude wanted fish and chips – and we had them, fresh off the boat, at the Auckland Fish Market. My choice, last year, was a very memorable meal at Murder Burger, a Ponsonby icon.
H. has more expensive tastes though (hmm, wonder who she takes after?), and chose a "grown-up" restaurant on the Viaduct. The food and view were wonderful – we watched the sun slowly setting over the ocean – but the kids were bored in minutes as they waited for their meals. K. and I found ourselves counting to 10 on more than one occasion as they squabbled, squirmed, and slurped their drinks.
But we all enjoyed our dinner – braised lamb shanks for K., tiger prawn and scallop fettucine for me, terahiki fish goujons and chips for C, and a ham and pineapple pizza – minus the ham – for Missy.
It was back to reality today though, with school again, and a Back To School Bash tonight for the whole family. Apparently, it’s something the school does every year to give parents, teachers, and kids the chance to meet and greet informally.
There will be a fundraising BBQ, bar (!), and sports and swimming for the kids.
Hmm, something tells me we may need the bar after all that!
Only kidding. The teachers are wonderful and the parents we've met are lovely too. Should be fun - as long as it doesn't rain!

Unwrapping presents ..."Look, it's real money Mumma!"

A DS game!

The cake. Doesn't look too pink here, but trust me, it was!

Making cupcakes. Better than baking brownies I guess!

C. made a Clown Cupcake
The proof is in the eating ...
(Mind you, that looks painful!)

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