Monday, February 23, 2009

Chicks don't fart - and other New Zealand advertising campaigns

I love Kiwi humour.
Take, for example, this advertising billboard for Tui, an iconic beer ...

Then there's Ponsonby's Murder Burger, whose quirky menu and advertising really appeals to my sense of humour. A demented, red-eyed kitty is the mascot, and the staff wear T-shirts which say: Meat is Murder.
Here's an example of their advertising :

And here's their help wanted ad, which strangely enough, attracted hundreds of applicants!

And finally, it's not quite advertising, but here is a poster at a NZ hospital, aiming to encourage staff to take the stairs for exercise. Except the staff have dubbed it: Grope and go. For obvious reasons!

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Nap Warden said...

"Chicks don't fart" are we talking poultry;)