Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fancy A Perky Nana?

One of the fun parts of living in a new country, is sampling all the different food and drinks on offer. And we’re certainly doing plenty of that in New Zealand!
I’ve blogged before about the delights – or otherwise – of Chicken In A Can, Hangi To Go, ready-made frozen mussel dinners, and kumara chips.
Recently, we’ve been enjoying the flood of seasonal fruit and vegies available at the supermarket.
There seems to be an emphasis on enjoying produce when it’s in season over here – none of that apples-stored-for-a-year-before-they-even-reach-the-shelves business that can go on back home. And the great thing is that the products go down in price when there are plenty of them available.
So lately I’ve been buying gourmet vine-ripened truss tomatos for NZ$2 a kg, and blueberries for NZ$2 a punnet. We’ve tried red pears, coconut ice peaches, and delightfully-named apples, like Rose, and Beauty.
And now there are these: Flattos!
A Flatto is like a squashed-looking peach (H. says they look like little bums! Actually, they are rather bottom-like! In looks, not taste. Not that I've eaten too many before. Flattos, not bums.)
Conveniently, Flattos are grown specially to fit into lunchboxes. Even better, they can be eaten crunchy, like an apple; or ripe, when they taste just like a normal peach. But with less acid. Apparently.
Then there are the drinks. Sparkling pomegranite drink, apple and feijoa juice (feijoa is pineapple guava), feijoa beer (with the goodness of a feijoa in every bottle), and of course, all the fabulous wines.
And finally, the kids’ favourites: Lollies, which they’ve steadily been munching their way through since we moved here. All for research purposes of course! Favourites include candy mushrooms, jelly alligators, and of course, the Perky Nana.
Being chocolate-coated banana-flavoured chew bars, they actually are meant to be pronounced ‘Nana’ as in Banana, but we pronounce them ‘Nana’ as in the grandmotherly variety.
Yep, nothing like a Perky Nana!

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