Sunday, March 29, 2009

A change of season

We’ve been enjoying the cooler weather so far, with mainly crystal clear days, and chilly mornings and nights.
The novelty has not been lost on the kids, who, growing up in Brisbane, had never really been exposed to changing seasons. (At home it’s hot, damn hot, and stinking hot!)
“Mumma, why are the leaves changing colour?” Harmonie exclaims regularly, before jumping into a pile of them with delight. (Luckily, we don’t need to worry about the dangers of snakes here. Needles though, might be another matter!)
And the discovery that she could see her breath at school the other morning, sparked much huffing, puffing and laughter.
When the cooler weather struck, I was reminded how fast the kids have been growing. Pant legs are suddenly too short, tops and jumpers too tight. So we picked up Husband after work the other night, and headed out for an emergency shopping expedition.
C. was so happy with his new raincoat/jacket that he’s been practically living in it! Missy got a few new things too. Only Husband and I missed out!
At home, we’ve been continuing our taste testing of all things Kiwi. Join us on our culinary adventure...

Like Father, Like Son...
C. takes after his Dadda and loves to cook. Here, he's making Breakfast Tortillas.

The proof is in the eating!

H's new dress says: I Dance Till I Get Dizzy.
So true! (Thanks Nana!)

Apple and Feijoa juice
(Feijoa is also known as pineapple guava)

We tasted these in the supermarket the other day, and since the kids loved them, I bought some to accompany the roast I did the other night. Delicious! (Much nicer than Kumera Chips!)

H. enjoying the kids' current favourite ice-block here, Goody Goody Gum Drops.

They consist of bubble-gum flavoured ice-cream with lollies inside and covered with chocolate. All part of a balanced diet...)

L & P, the national drink. Made with underground spring water from Paeroa, it's like lemonade but more refreshing. Luckily for me, there are sugar-free versions too.

Showing off their new warm clothes.

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GOOD MORNING FROM COOL, WET BRISBANE........ Hey guys, looks like your having a ball over there, far too much fun without us :)
We are all good (other than the colds/flu's the boys have) been very busy but had a fantastic weekend away which I shall be putting photos up on my blog soon. The boys coped very well without there mummy though she needs to teach them a little better about "how to do the clothes washing" hahahahahaha... That way I don't need to come home from a lovely weekend to a huge pile of clothes :( boo hoo...
It really is wonderful seeing your photo's of what your up to.. Very busy bee's you seem to be!
We are still in the process of getting our passports (better pull out the finger will be time before we know it) Can't wait to see you guys again, missing you heaps...well I am off to get my house a little organized for the morning & then get the horror heads out of bed n ready for school.. We have school photos today so better make the effort of ironing the check uniforms they hate to wear. Have a great day & chat to you later