Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fancy a Hot Cross Bum?

I'm still loving Auckland, where a trip to the supermarket is always an adventure.
Spotted some really funny spelling mistakes the other day and allowed myself a chortle.
Hot Cross Bum anyone? (After all, the Easter Bummy will be here soon...)
How about some beef mice? (Damn, must be fresh out of rats!)

There's always something happening too. Tastings of ice-cream, cheese, wine, beer and fizzy drinks. Free cheerios for the kids everytime we go to the deli. And face painting. (Well, sometimes).

And there are always new tastes to experience. Pinky is a popular chocolate bar over here. It's basically chocolate with a sweet pink goo in the middle. So of course, there are Pinky Easter Eggs. They have pineapple-lump ones too.

And the other day, we found and tried Kiwi Berries.
They're like soft miniature kiwi fruit, without the fuzz, and are totally delicious. Even nicer than Hot Cross Bums!

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Daniel said...

I actually took this picture, this wan't at a supermarket, it was at a small Cafe in St Lukes - Hollywood Bakery...