Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Beaches, burgers, and 'the Baconater'

Living in Auckland, has turned us into an impulsive family.
Once, we liked to plan weekends and free time – but now, we never know when one of us is going to be sick, or the weather is going to be bad, awful, or just plain scary.
Indeed, on the few occasions we’ve organised to do something, we often have to cancel at the last minute. It’s common in Auckland. In fact, school, sporting, and public events often advertise two dates when it comes to advertising events – the original ‘hoped-for’ day, and the ‘rain day’, in the likely event the skies will open.
So on Sunday, when the sun rose and bathed Auckland in its joyous presence, we were quick to take advantage.
We gathered cold drinks, rain coats, warm coats, and towels, and headed to the wild West Coast.
Highly recommended by my new Auckland friend Hsin-Yi (www.bighoneyblog.com), the West Coast Beaches are where the film The Piano was made.
With rugrats in tow, we only had time to explore two of them (we’ll be back later for more).
First top was Muriwhai, where gannets breed and dolphins play.
Next up, was Bethells Beach, just in time for lunch at the popular beachside Burger Van.
The food, surroundings and ambiance was wonderful.
The beach itself is wild and wonderful. Shimmering, black and silver volcanic sand, sea spray, and caves, just waiting to be explored. And quicksand!

Bethells Beach - a black sand volcanic beach.

So vast, it feels deserted, even though there were loads of people, dogs and horses there! The kids burnt off some energy

C. loved the caves

And the Quicksand!
Enjoying lunch. Burgers, chips and aioli from the beachfront burger van

A West Coast burger - organic beef, salad, red onion, chutney and tomato sauce.

The burger van

Rockpools at Muriwai

A less healthy burger option! C. loves 'The Baconater' a mammoth meaty option from the Wendys takeaway chain. Two beef patties, cheese, bacon, mushroom sauce and minimal salad. It's advertised by a man doing a terrible Arnold Schwarzenneger impression.

Luckily, there's nothing to him, so he can afford to indulge in the occasional junk food binge!


Honey the Great Dane said...

So glad you had a good time!! :-) Looks like you really made the most of it...I forgot to mention the quicksand on Honey's blog!

Next time you head out, try Karekare - that's my favourite beach. If you think these were empty, you'll feel like you're on the edge of the world there...


Joy0z said...

Thank you for dropping by Ozlife Begins. You have a lovely children.

Estelle said...

God that burger looked awesome! That's homesick-making tucker, that is.