Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A conference with the kuds

Well kids actually. It's just with a New Zealand accent, kids comes out like "kuds"!
Anyway, their school held a student-led conference this week. The idea is that parents come in and the kids themselves take them around the classroom, showing off all the work they've been doing, what they're particularly good at, and what they need more help with at home.
The teachers are there, but it's the children themselves who do the talking.
It was really sweet, and must have taken a lot of time and effort for the teachers to organise.
Both H. and C. love school, and they were so proud showing off their portfolios!
It was great to see what they get up to each day, and to get an insight into how their little minds work too.
For example, both had chosen their Daddy when they were asked to write about their 'special person', which was really sweet. And H. had written a story about how Daddy loves donuts!
It was cold and dark by the time all that finished, so the kids and I picked up snapper and chips from our favourite outlet, Oceanz Seafood, at the Auckland Fish Market (
Home of Auckland's favourite chips, the seafood is so fresh it practically jumps onto your plate!
The kids were thrilled when, while we were waiting, a man came in and bought 8 live lobsters (at $85.95 a kilo mind you). They loved watching the lobsters being caught and dropped, wriggling with claws waving wildly, into a plastic bag.
You can imagine their excitement when, moments later, another man bought a dozen live crabs!
Again , they were caught, this time two or three at a time, and dropped into a bag.
I did feel a bit sorry for the ill-fated crustaceans, but it certainly made the kids' evening.

C. showing off his computer skills
H. making a finger puppet

Poor lobsters!


Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh, I always feel so sorry for those lobsters and crabs we see in tanks at Chinese restaurants...I think it's cruel and should not be allowed!! Surely it's better to eat an animal killed immediately fersh from the sea, than one which has been sitting in a cramped, dirty tank full of stress hormones...even if it is only killed & cooked 20mins before it comes to the table!

That place at the Auckland Fish Market sounds very cool...must check it out sometime! Have only been there for a quick look around and also once to the Seafood school but never eaten there!


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I admit I turn into a kid whenever I see those big lobsters and crabs in the tank :) I just can't help myself!