Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Buon Appetito, Auckland!

This weekend, we ate our way around the Auckland Italian Festival.
Organised by the Societa Dante Alighieri, the day featured food, wine, and entertainment, and was a great way to spend a few hours of quality family time.
It was like Little Italy had come to Auckland!

Mmm ... gelati

Check out the body language! He had lemon-line, She had blood orange.

The jumping castle gave Husband and I time to scoff some divine eggplant bruschetta.

Gnocchi with lamb ragout...more please!

Pasta-making workshop

Mobile wood fired oven

Pizza dough resting

Mobile menu

The pizza. Chorizo, olives, onion jam and balsamic glaze. Buon Appetito!

Fun and games on the way home
(Apologies for crappy photo and text placement. I change it time and time again, but Blogger reverts back to this format ... have no idea why. If anyone more blog-savvy can help, I'd love it!)


wendy said...

t looked like a lot of fun, - agree the body language on the photo with the kids is typical sibling stuff :o) The food looked yum!!

foodiegirlie said...

Loving your work! I'm a kiwi living in Bris (with three little Australians of my own now)so these blog entries of yours are making me homesick! Time for a trip home I think.

Linda said...

loving the day out..looks yummy! Bit of a bummer that you guys won't be coming over now boo hoo....

Blog help: Put your photo's into the centre and then type your text above the photo's, works for mine :) just push the centre button for the text when your about to put your message above your photograph. Hope this helps :)

MrsDesperate said...

Thanks for visiting ladies. Sorry for making you homesick foodiegirlie. We are certainly loving it here.
And Linda thanks for the blogging advice. I won't bother going back and reposting now, but will try that next time. It drives me crazy!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Hehe looks like a lot of fun was had! :)

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

That looks so much fun and droolworthy.