Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When the boy's away....

Confession time: We did something very naughty recently. We went out to dinner while C. was away at school camp!
I blame Husband, who came home saying that he wanted to take his Two Best Girls out to dinner. (Well, at least we are up there...)
And so, we trekked up the hill to Ponsonby and tried a cute little Italian restaurant called Gusto.
The service was friendly and efficient, and they were particularly lovely to Miss 6.
And as we are used to in New Zealand, there was no kids menu (prompting a pout from H.), but the chef was more than happy to prepare a bowl of her favourite, spaghetti bolognaise, just for her.
She pronounced it (and don't tell him): Better Than Daddy's!
High praise indeed.
With just one child (meaning no arguing or fighting) dinner was actually peaceful and relaxing. Almost like date night.
Or perhaps that was the wine...

Husband's pasta. His only criticism was that there was not more of it!

Vegie pizza for me...

You don't get better praise than this. Small child tucking into real food!

For the first time ever, Miss 6 chose to sit next to Dadda instead of me! (Sob - it's all downhill from here)

Mr 8 arrives back at school, unaware of the betrayal that has taken place..

Seriously, he was fine, but thirsty and starving, because apparently they don't feed kids at camp in New Zealand. (Joke: Totally not true! Apparently the meals were even better than mine ...yes, I know, that wouldn't be hard!)

After a few days in the wilds, he was desperate for 'technology'.
And don't worry, he's been for several meals out since then!

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Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Hehe I can see that you're bringing up some great little foodies there! :)