Sunday, September 27, 2009

School's out!

School's out in New Zealand, but not after a hectic couple of weeks.
First there was the school art show - where the kids proudly displayed their work created during the term. As usual, there was a sausage sizzle, with wine and beer for the adults, and cordial for the kids.
It was great chatting to the teachers and other parents in such a relaxed atmosphere.
During the evening, teachers displayed their own art work and there was a silent auction so parents could bid on the masterpieces.
Bidding started slowly, with just $1 and $2 bids rolling in, until naughty Husband took over and started bidding in $15 and $20 increments to get things rolling. You would never have known that he used to be an auctioneer - not!
A few of the teachers were upset not to get any bids, so we put a few sympathy bids in too...and ended up picking up a painting for $10. Bargain, don't you think?
The final week of school wound up with a concert by C's class. He proved to be a dab hand on the bongo drums, and even sang the New Zealand National Anthem (I didn't even know he knew it!) H. loved applauding her brother and their friends.
The kids are growing out of their shoes and jeans, so we took them to Otara Market on the weekend. This is seriously one of the best places in Auckland to pick up cheap clothes, shoes, and ... well, pretty much anything really.
It was a pity about the weather - cold and wet - or we would have picked up some fruit and vegies too.
On Sunday, I put the kids to work, by taking them with me to see a film I'm reviewing, Ponyo.
It's so different to any other kids movies I've seen, like a storybook come to life. The kids were mesmerised and C. declared: 'It's not normally my thing, but I liked it."
Guess it will be getting the thumbs up then!

The painting we won, by the head of the junior school
One of H's pieces

And the Little Dude with another of his (he was rather prolific)!

Otara Market, where you can get just about anything - including contact lenses ...

I've always wanted a Mumu...

Big spender

Colourful stalls
Surveying the stalls
Missy and a Fluffie (babycino)

C. chose a hot dog. An American hotdog is a frankfurt in a bun. (C. looks like he's about to shove that stick up his nose. And I don't know what's wrong with Miss Crankypants! Look at the face...)

Coconut bread
Breakfast vans ... C. is wearing my jumper because he 'doesn't feel the cold). Yeah, right.
Hangi anyone?


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

hehe poor teachers! That's why I'm so scared to auction anything of mine off in case it gets no bids :P That's veyr nice of you to put in some bids!

Honey the Great Dane said...

I think the painting you got was very nice! Wonder why nobody else bid! I do love auctions - I'm in total awe of auctioneers, especially once they get "that voice" on...if I'd known that about your husband, I would have been star-struck when I met him - hee! hee! I haven't been to many - mainly property auctions when we were "researching the market" but they always make my heart race!

Very brave of you to "brave" the market in the rain! Looked so colourful & interesting though - well worth the trip!