Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'll drink to that ... drinks in Samoa!

While in Samoa, we enjoyed a few cocktails, and of course the local beer, Vailima. Wine was expensive, although on a few occasions I splashed out on the 'house white' - Dan Murphy's cleanskin chardy. Usually purchased by the truckload for as little as (AUS) $1.99 back home, it was always amusing to have it served with a flourish and offered for tasting. (And it cost about $18 at the resort, so was still reasonably affordable).
Meanwhile, the kids loved Shasta soda drinks. Apparently a US soda chain, Shasta Cola was often substituted without explanation for the more expensive Coca Cola, and was also often the only diet cola available. (Diet drinks a hit with hubby, because he is diabetic.)
But they had other yummy ranges too (according to the kids - they were too sweet for me!)
Unfortunately, they were also full of nasty colours and flavours, which had the ability to turn the ruggies into monsters. So the drinks had to be limited - or used as rewards (or taken away as consequences). Unfortunately, Miss 6 qualified for a few more rewards than Mr 8.
They must be evil, as the kids still miss their Shasta treats, and I miss them as a parenting aid!
Shasta strawberry. At least they are honest about it being artificially flavoured!

Shasta and snacks at cocktail hour.
Soda with other Natural Flavour. Nice ...

C. has a mocktail, Daddy has the real thing. I think C's non-alcoholic version was more potent, thanks to the colours and preservatives!
Can I have what he's having?

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