Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Do you want fries with that?

In a move that would enrage health-conscious Aussies, McDonalds in New Zealand are now offering 10c off a litre of petrol with every Big Mac ‘Fuel-Up’ combo. The discount would normally cost supermarket shoppers $100 … but now hungry Kiwis only have to shell out $9.50 to get a Big Mac, Medium fries, Medium drink, and hot apple pie to save money at the bowser. Err, don't think they'll be saving any calories though....

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Linda said...

Why HELLO ALL at the Auckland household... I love the title & speal about the differences between there and here.
Can't wait to get over so you can show us the sites in the local area....next year you guys can count on it!
Missing you
Linda & family!!