Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Schools and the Skytower

I'm flying...

We finally found a school for the kids today.
With a view of the Sky Tower, and resident pidgeons instead of the crows and magpies we are used to in Oz, the kids don't wear uniforms and call the teachers by their first names.
Staff seem friendly and happy, which is always a good sign. And imagine our surprise when S, the principal, says the kids can start tomorrow!
I don’t think the kids are too impressed, but I think it’s a good idea. (And not just because I fancy some quiet time!) Little Man has been complaining he’s ready to go back to school, and it will give me some sanity time to do things like arranging phone, insurance etc without kids fighting in the background and/or raiding the lolly/biscuit supply. They’ll have two weeks before a two-week holiday, so it should give them time to settle in and get used to the idea – and for the teachers to gauge whether they are in the right classes.
Enjoying the view - and the ice-blocks

The Princess will be in Grade 1 here, instead of Prep, and Little Man will be in Grade 3 instead of 2 – so I hope they manage okay.
Afterwards, because it’s the last day of ‘freedom’ so to speak, I asked the kids what they wanted to do, and they were unanimous: Skytower!
We parked at our apartment and walked to the tower, and spent several happy hours there. It’s pretty cool, and I had no need to worry they would be scared of the glass-doored and floored lift, or heights. They both took delight on splaying themselves across the glass floors while I felt queasy.
Our townhouse complex from the Skytower
I calmed the nerves with a medicinal glass of wine while the kids slurped on ice-blocks, and we watched several more hardy souls plummet to the ground off the tower. Little Man immediately wanted to have a turn, but I explained he would
have to grow and age before he’d be able to do it himself!

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