Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We're here!

The Princess and the Little Man (watching telly) at Qantas Club...our last taste of Brisbane for a while

Yes, we've arrived safe and well. The flight was delightful (not) with me stuck with the two ruggies, while Husband played ‘gentlemen’ behind us.
Highlights were:
The Princess breaking a glass in Qantas Club (however, she wasn't alone. A lady nearby, enjoying a champagne breakfast (no, it wasn't me!) managed to do the same thing).
Kids fighting over the window seat.
Kids unable to see the TV due to glare, therefore arguing and bickering constantly - mostly over the window seat.
Kids wanting to go to the loo urgently, just when we were trapped by our meals.
Both kids bawling as we approached NZ because of ear pain.
We made it through customs in one piece, and M, Husband's new boss was there to meet us. Harmonie got off to a good start by calling him a ‘funny man’. The Little Man was so tired he fell asleep on the way to our apartment. "I'm not tired, it's just the wind hurts my eyes," he insisted. The apartment is quite roomy, and right in the city, but unremarkable apart from that. Comfy beds which is the main thing.
We dumped our stuff, and dragged our complaining kids to the bank so we could open an account and get access to our money. One minute late we were, and the bank was closed. So was the ATM. The next one refused to give us any. Finally, third time lucky, we got some funds – so we’d get to eat after all!
Despite repeated attempts on both computers, we're unable to connect to the net in our room. Staff can't explain why, so we'll have only sporadic access as we'll have to physically go to reception to get onto the net.
First night was delightful, with both kids bawling because they wanted McDonalds and we refused. The Little Man claimed it was the worst day of his life!
We found a nice Japanese restaurant. C. complained that there was nothing there he would eat, then polished off two pieces of salmon sushi, some fish, miso soup, and boiled rice. The Princess ate only boiled rice, but at least it was something other than junk food.
It was lovely food and very cheap compared to home.
The city is really noisy – the apartment doesn’t have extra glazing like we’re used to in Oz. Seem to be a lot of drunks and druggies around too, so we fit in well (only joking Mum)! C. narrowly avoided walking into some spew outside a theatre, and it was only 6 pm at night!
Opened our bank account this morning. Staff were really nice and relaxed, and gave the kids two elephant money boxes, which impressed them no end. People seem to be kind to the kids. One real estate agent even gave them lollies!
We’re finding it slow to do anything here – everyone seems to be laidback and relaxed. whereas we’re in a massive rush to get everything done. K. starts work on Monday and will be on a flight and overnight trip to Christchurch the next day.
We can’t get access to our funds until Friday, so we can’t buy a car until then either. We’ll probably hire one, as we’re due to check out some rentals this afternoon.
Walked to the harbour and wandered around the city for a while this morning. I don’t mind the walking, but I’m over the carrying – Her Highness insists on being “luppied” every five minutes, because her legs aren’t used to walking. Or so she says!
The kids are anxious to start school, and to be honest, I’m quite anxious for them to start. Two kids in a city apartment aren’t really a good recipe for peace and harmony. Or C. and H. for that matter!

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