Saturday, September 13, 2008

Moving on ... almost

Time for some sightseeing

The past few days we’ve been busy trying to set up internet, phone, mobile phone, and electricity for our new place. It all seems so complicated compared to home. Apart from the cost – there are no really cheap deals like we’re used to, and it’s plus-plus for every little inclusion – everything except the electricity takes so long to get organised.
As for insurance … we’re being charged about 40 per cent extra for car insurance because we only have Aussie licences (even though it’s not a requirement to have an NZ licence for a year). Scary!
And our quote for health insurance was nearly $400 – per MONTH. And that doesn’t include pre-existing conditions like Kyle’s diabetes and my arthritis. The fact that we’ve had private health in Australia where these have been covered doesn’t mean a thing. So I’ll have to do some more hunting there – with kids, I like to know they are covered.
Apart from all that, we’re enjoying it here. Kyle loves his work, the kids have declared school is 'sweet', and I’m enjoying the scenery, the people and the food (oh okay, and the wine as well). The supermarkets seem a lot more English – loads of choices for things like cheeses, fish, breads and fruit and vegies. The kids are fascinated by the huge mussel displays - Chase wanted to know if he could take one home as a pet!
There seems to be a sushi place and Starbucks on every corner, (not that I will drink there, coffee snob that I am), and the kids get Subway (among other lunch choices) at school.
Our things have gone through customs, and are moved into our apartment on Monday. We still have a customs officer coming to our townhouse in the afternoon to open a couple of boxes they want to inspect – mainly stuff like the bikes etc. I'm not really looking forward to that, especially as we worked out today our fridge is probably not going to make it up the stairs to our kitchen. And I'm not convinced our washing machine will fit where it's supposed to either. Details, details...
I'm looking forward to unpacking all our stuff and having a bit more space (and Harmonie can't wait to befriend all her stuffed toys - that is the one she didn't stuff into her suitcase and carry-on).
There are a few things I'll miss about our hotel though ... mainly the cleaning fairies, who even empty the dishwasher and do the washing-up if I forget to do it before rushing out the door.
I won't miss the whistling/shouting/fighting/hooning drunks at night though. Sometimes it goes on until 5.30 am.
And because this post has been pretty boring, here are a few more things (apart from dub-dub-dub) that have been making me smile in Auckland:

Shopping trolleys are called Trundles!
An anti-littering campaign tells smokers to “Put Your Butt In The Bin”
Thongs are called Jandals
Aucklanders say 'wee' a lot. As in: "Would you like a wee break?" (Not the way I use it. As in: "Do you want a wee?" to the kids every time we go somewhere.
They call babycinos "fluffies". Okay what's up with that?

Until next time ...
Bron x

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