Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Date Night

The Husband and I went on a Date last night.
Now, as newcomers to Auckland, that’s a bigger deal than you might think. We’ve had no babysitters on standby (or Nanas for that matter) since we left Australia, so we’ve been sorely in need of some Couple Time.
Yes, kids are great, but every parent knows there are times when it’s nice to travel in a car without fighting and name-calling going on in the back, eat a meal without ending up with half of it on the floor, or have a conversation without being interrupted.
So when a lovely young French girl called J. approached me as we were leaving the pool the other day, I was pretty pleased to see her.
Despite the fact that H. was throwing a massive tantie (I’d ended the swim because she and her brother weren’t listening to me), J. had kindly put her name and number on a card, and asked me to phone her if I needed a babysitter.
Considering the noise and fury that the Small One was producing, I thought she was pretty brave. And bravery should be rewarded.
So last night, J. arrived promptly, just as the kids were tucking into their nachos.
They were thrilled at a new audience for the mischief and mayhem, so we legged it before the novelty wore off!
Despite the fact that the first half-hour or so involved another infamous Auckland traffic jam, we felt more relaxed than we had in ages.
We found a table at a restaurant overlooking gorgeous Mission Bay, and enjoyed a lovely Italian meal. Afterwards, we shared a gelati while walking along the beach.
It was all very romantic.
Except for the part where I tripped while crossing the road and rather unceremoniously landed on my knees. Damn high heels strike again!
Yes, in honour of the occasion, I had worn heels, wedges admittedly, even though my track record wearing them hasn’t been good lately. As always, my dodgy balance, honed since pregnancy, had struck again.
Shaking his head, K. hauled me to my feet as a passing woman said: “Don’t worry, I did the same thing on Saturday night!”
I escaped with a skinned knee and hurt pride, but was otherwise fine.
On our return home, all was quiet and the kids were in bed. I’d like to say they were sleeping peacefully, but hey, you can’t have everything.
The important thing was that the kids were happy, we were happy, and J. thought the kids were really well-behaved.
(Give them time…)
Anyway, now we’ve found a nice babysitter, we’re hoping to have Date Night at least once a month – at least if the budget allows.
But next time I might have to swap the high heels for sensible shoes.

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Linda said...

Good on ya guys for finding some couple time... Bit of a bummer about the knee & pride but hope you had a lovely nite anyway....
We are all good over this way, no sickness to report of (thankgoodness don't like the summer colds time of year)
Chat to you later