Monday, November 10, 2008

Our weekend at home (not away)

With our beach weekend cancelled, due to illness, the challenge was to entertain the kids while keeping the Princess quiet. Because she had asthma, that meant no pool or spa, although we did go to the park a few times. (Though keeping her from racing around was a challenge).
On Sunday morning, the kids and I woke early after H. had a coughing fit. Unable to get back to sleep, we got up and put on the DVD we had planned to watch in the car on the way to the beach. It was one the Little Dude had chosen at K-Mart when he was splashing around his pocket money the other day - E. T.
Now, I haven't seen E. T. since it first came out, and I'd forgotten what a great film it is. Despite the relatively old-fashioned special effects, we all enjoyed it. The kids were spellbound. So great to see films (and music and books) which span generations.
After that, H. and I. had a cooking fest. I usually make snacks for their lunchboxes, for several reasons - it's cheaper and healthier than pre-packaged, high sugar, high fat muesli bars and other snacks. But also, because of C's nut allergy, it's really hard finding snacks that are safe (and yummy-enough) for him to eat.
This weekend, it was vanilla cupcakes, chocolate weet-bix slice, and cranberry and date loaf.
K. finished off the weekend by cooking our now-traditional Sunday Roast. This time it was New Zealand lamb, Yorkshire Pudding, gravy, roast vegetables and all the trimmings.

And finally, the Wine Of The Week, goes to an oldie but a goodie (much like E. T.)

Little bubbles of love that dance on your tongue!

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Linda - Scrap_Addict said...

That is a bit of a bummer that you didn't get to the beach, but sounds like you enjoyed yourself anyway! How is school going C & H I hope that you are enjoying yourself there. Would love to see a couple of photo's of the school your attending :)
Hey Duder, when are you coming to Brisbane for a spell with work (or a stop over) will have to meet at the airport for a cuppa if your only here for a little while. Can't wait to see you guys, these 2 years are taking for eva lol.....but not long till we can plan our holiday over to visit you guys, simply can't wait!!
Hay'll have to suss out any scrapbooking stores in your area so I know where to head when we arrive for a visit. Gotta see what goodies the NZ people get lol
We are all well (other than feeling like R & I are coming down with something) & the boys are keeping us on our toes 24/7. Not long now till this years school term is over & done with, geez that is powering along fast but the boys can't wait to be on holidays. A is getting very tired of school & is always asking is it the weekend....every morning lol
Well I am off to get ready for pick up and then have all the sporting stuff to attend to this arvo.
Wonderful to see you guys, chat to you soon