Thursday, November 27, 2008

Murder Burger - and birthdays

So I turned 21 again today (not), and The Princess made sure everyone at school knew about it. Including my real age. Cringe.
I'd already been given my present - a lovely landscape painting Husband saw me admiring at a recent art show. But he also plumped for a fab video/camera which is winging its way to me from Hong Kong as I type this. The fab new thingy will allow me to post videos as well as photos apparently.
Be afraid. Be very afraid.
I got loads of lovely homemade cards and cuddles from the kids, and they really tried to be on their best behaviour (read between the lines there. They Tried.)
With my lovely mother-in-law arriving tomorrow, and a big weekend planned, I gallantly informed the family I didn't want to go out for my birthday. 'Cos I figure we'll be doing enough (and spending enough) over the next few days. And having craved really nice fish and chips for, oh, about three months, Husband decided we'd try the local takeaway.
But on the way to the fisho, the Princess spotted Murder Burger. Or as she says it: Murger Burder.
We've spotted this everytime we've driven along Ponsonby Road. (Which is a lot). With the image of a white, red-eyed kitty, Murder Burger always makes the kids crack up.
So we decided to go there instead.
Yes, I know. In the old days, pre kids, I would have preferred champagne and silver service. But Murder Burger, with it's funny slogans and fab, honest food, was divine.
The food is organic and healthy, yet cost just a fraction more than we would have paid at somewhere like KFC.
For that we got:
An organic grilled chicken, cheese and salad burger for me
An organic BBQ beef, bacon. cheese burger for him
Chips and sauce for the Princess
Crumbed chicken tenderloins, with garlic mayo dip for the Dude.
Organic preservative-free cola and juices for drinks.
Missy loved swigging from a bottle! C. tucked into his meal with relish, but refused to be photographed.
Friendly service. From people who spoke English! And delivered exactly what we ordered.
It was lovely.
Their marketing team has a sense of humour that really appeals to me too. For example: Meat will make you happy lonely abandoned Nanna/freelance web designer/unmarried 39 year old feature as some of their ads.
Afterwards, I opened a bottle of bubbly at home, while settling down to watch my fave soap here, Shortland Street. It is absolute crap, with bad storylines, wooden acting, wincing, grimacing, and more ... but I am getting slowly addicted.
The best present of all? The kids have gone to sleep in their own beds, without a fuss.

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Linda said...

Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY miss B........ lol We yelled into the mic of K when he was playing but sadly you were in bed :( Sounds like you had a fantastic day & got spoiled like any lady should!
How fantastic that G will be coming over your way, we so can't wait to get there & see you guys. It shall be so much fun & jealous that G is going there now. Is she staying for xmas?? Or a shorter period??
We had a BBQ the other weekend, will have to email you the photo I took (but gotta put the names on there of there Alias for WOW for K) we had a nice time but missed 4 extra peoples... But hay you get that in the big jobs
Chat to you soon, sorry missed your b'day
xoxoxox Linda