Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween mayhem!

H. with her haul ... She was a dinosaur witch for trick or treat night.

Our first Halloween was definitely a success.
Following the kids' dress-up day at school, we went trick or treating with a few of the neighbourhood kids that evening.
For once, Husband’s plane was early rather than late (Qantas, I may have misjudged you). The Friday night traffic was kind too, and so he arrived home, to squeals of delight, just in time to join us.
Never having celebrated Halloween before, I really wasn’t sure how many of the neighbours would participate and kept reminding the kids not to get their hopes up.
But the kids ended up with a huge haul of lollies, lollipops, soft-drink, muffins, biscuits and even money! Yes, a couple of people who had forgotten insisted on giving our little horrors money for their troubles. I was amazed at their generosity!
Wanting to do our part, Kyle quickly doubled back to ensure there were no disappointed ghouls and ghosts on our doorstep this year, while I continued on with the kids.
We were careful to ration how much sugar they ate, but even so, they bounced off the walls for a good hour after bedtime.
The next day we went to a Halloween party in the park at Essex Reserve. A pity they didn’t notice that some wag had removed an E and an S before the hoardes of kids arrived!

Sunday loomed warm and sunny, in time for the Auckland Marathon, which I ran in a personal best time of 2 hours, 45 minutes.
Oh, okay, I didn’t!

But I did take the kids across to the park to see the finish line and all the associated after-partying.
Finally, in the interests of keeping you all informed, you understand, and not because I particularly enjoy imbibing, I tried another New Zealand wine this week.
This one was K’s choice, and a cheeky little number it was too – just like him come to think of it!

(Crikey - it looks like I had a couple when I took this. I didn't - it was days later I swear!)


Linda - Scrap_Addict said...

Well you guys won't believe it but we also had 4 Halloween guests at our doorstep also :o something that we were prepared for but only because the boys wanted some goodies to eat here at home lol..... Wonderful to see your creative costumes there kids & don't forget to save some of your candy for when we come over next year ha ha ha ha....I have here a brochure of all the touristy things the boys have circled they would love to do when we come your way. So be prepared for a busy time when we are over :) I seriously can't wait to see you guys again, missing you heaps. It is so wonderful to have WOW as Rowan get's to chat to you almost every night, something that I think he would miss even more if he didn't have this with you K.
Well I am off to get some zzzzzzzzzzzzzz's missing you guys heaps xoxoxoxo
Linda (oh & Maxwell who is laying on the lounge waiting for me to head to bed so he can do his daily thing of NOTHING...lazy thing he is)

Anonymous said...

Aw...your kids are gorgeous! Glad you all had a good time Trick 'n' Treating. That photo of the park sign made me laugh!

Hey - been meaning to let you know (you may have heard about this already) - but there is a special "Highland Games" Day being held on Sat 22 Nov at the Three Kings Reserve - sounds like a fun day out for all the family. Don't want you to miss out again on a an Auckland event because you didn't know! :) (More information at:
We will be going to watch one of Honey's friends in the German Shepherd Display team - so perhaps we see you there!
Hsin-Yi (& Honey the Great Dane)