Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!

This morning, my two little monsters turned into a little witch, and a not-so-little Count Dracula.

The reason? It’s Halloween! And the 685-millionth thing I didn’t know about Kiwis, is that they celebrate Halloween here.
The kids have been beside themselves for weeks now, counting down the days.

With American cartoons being a regular part of their TV diet for so long, I guess it’s only natural that they couldn’t wait for their chance to dress up and go trick or treating.

Their school kicked things off by announcing a Halloween costume dress-up day. Yes, my sewing skills are limited but somehow I managed to cobble together a couple of costumes with the help of the dress-up box, face paint, and a couple of bargains from the $2 shop. Even more surprisingly, my efforts were given the nod (okay, squeals) of approval from two very excited children.

C. chose to go as Count Dracula, and quickly set about painting fake blood on his teeth and axe. (And yes, I know Count Dracula didn’t have an axe, but who is going to let facts get in the way of a small dude’s fun?) H. made a late minute scratching of her Dorothy the Dinosaur idea, and became a wicked witch instead, complete with warty nose.

We walked to school, as we do whenever we can, and of course, the kids attracted smiles, waves and toots from passersby. Their excitement was infectious, particularly when we reached the school and saw dozens of witches, warlocks, counts, ghosts and monsters chasing each other around the playground. Even the teachers joined in the fun, in their own scary (and funny) costumes.

Tonight, we’re supposed to go trick or treating around our neighbourhood (that’s if the costumes survive the day). We’ve also laid in supplies of lollies and treats in case any ghosts or ghouls want to pay us a visit.

H. wants me to dress up too, but since I can be pretty scary at times, I suppose I can just go as myself!

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Linda said...

HOW FANTASTIC!!!!!! You two look great and that nose H.........arrgghh ugly LOL :) and C......all that blood on your teeth & mouth ewwwwwww lol
Well I hope you guys have a fun time going trick or treating over there, missing you heaps
Chat to you soon