Wednesday, October 1, 2008

School Holiday Fun

So it's school holiday here, and apart from yelling - a lot - I've been enjoying spending time with the kids.
There have been plenty of visits to the pool, spa and park, as well as playdates with some new friends they've made.
We also enjoyed a day at the movies - lunch, shopping, trampoline-bungy - as you do - and Beverley Hills Chihauhua (It rocked too! The kids loved it and there were enough big kid jokes for me as well. Plus, I'm a sucker for dogs!).
Of course, the kids talked me into spending a few coins at those annoying electronic game zones they seem to have at every single cinema these days. Just as I was warning C. these games never let you win anything, and they're rigged ... he won a huge stuffed blue bear!
In fact, the bear was so big, it got caught in the chute. Quickly, a crowd gathered and I had to get a security guy to come to the rescue (a few shakes and the bear was out).
C. was happy, but H. was not. "I wanna stuffed toy too," she cried. C. tried hard to get her one, as did she (I wasn't allowed, because everyone knows I am challenged in that department), but no luck. By then, I'd spent all my coins and it was time for the movie to start ... so H. was inconsolable. Luckily, popcorn and coke (eventually) bought her silence.
Oh well, at least she enjoyed the trampoline!
Here's proof...

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