Thursday, October 9, 2008

Park Life

Another week of school holidays have gone by, and somehow we've survived without too many tantrums and tears. The kids have been pretty well-behaved too!
We've spent a lot of time across at our local park, enjoyed a couple of picnics, and caught up with friends.

There was a DVD and Doona Day - coinciding with a wet and cold Auckland day - where we basically snuggled up and stayed dry. Auckland has the perfect weather for Doona Days!
And yesterday, the Little Dude enjoyed a visit to a travel museum and picnic with the city's YMCA school holiday program.
The Princess, poorly with a sore throat and tummy, elected to stay home 'with Mumma'. Keeping her quiet was a challenge, so spent most of the day baking - much to Chase's delight when he arrived home and sampled a few of our creations. I'm still cleaning up the kitchen after my little helper's assistance, but it was worth it to see her mixing and pouring to her heart's content.
Today, Chase is busy building lego creations, then we're walking up the hill to Ponsonby where he will hopefully get a haircut.
One of the downsides of our new home is that just about every night, Harmonie has a nightmare and/or night terrors. She's happy enough during the day, but I guess it's her reaction to the move and change of routine.
Anyway, her cries result in me leaping out of bed and making a midnight dash up three flights of stairs to comfort her. And invitably, she ends up at the bottom of our bed - cuddling my feet. (Yes, she's a weird child sometimes...)
Something tells me she's getting too tall for this, as usually Kyle or I - or both of us - end up getting kicked in the behind. Hence we're shopping for a double bed for her, so at least one of us can nap with her until she goes back to sleep if we need to.
And in response to the interested queries from many of you, yes, I have been sampling a few of the New Zealand wines. Here's one I enjoyed last night (I find wine o-clock comes a bit earlier on the school holidays!)

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Kelley said...

I am looking forward to wineoclock myself tonight :)

Changes in routine can cause night terrors. Hopefully they will be over soon. Be secure in the knowledge that they are more frightening for you than her.