Thursday, October 23, 2008

Auckland supermarkets

Australia and New Zealand similar?
Sometimes when I'm grocery shopping, I'm not so sure.
Here of some of the staples stocked at our local supermarket (and yes, I'm sure the staff do think I'm a nutter, after my furtive photography efforts this morning) ...
Kiwis love their Kumara, and for convenience you can buy it as wedges, chips, rosti and hashbrowns.

Fresh cockles and mussels.
If, like me, you're not sure how to cook them, you can buy some ready to go...
Fancy a hangi, but don't have the facilities to DIY? Grab one in a box!
Or how about a TV dinner? There are a huge range of gourmet meals, cooked then vaccuum-sealed. This one's roast beef, vegies, gravy and Yorkshire Pudding. Just reheat in the microwave (It tastes better than it looks).


Linda said...

EEEWWWWWWWWWW that just looks wrong to me there Bron lol. I think will stick with the steak, chips n eggs here I feel.
Wonderful to see your all well (though a bit damp at times) So does Kyle have a stop over in Brisbane on his way to Melbourne lol.....stop and have a cuppa at the airport with him
Chat to you guys online soon, HI KIDS..........MISSIN YOU ALL
Linda & family

Kelley said...

ooooh that would send Boo into a tail spin, all that sweet potato/kumura.

The other day I saw frozen toasted sandwiches in Safeway.