Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The hills are alive ...

The hills around Auckland are alive with the sound of ... fireworks!
Yes, today is Guy Fawkes Day! Technically, that's celebrated tonight, with fireworks and friendly gatherings. In Auckland, however, Guy Fawkes seem to involve fireworks being let off at random times and places for days - and nights -beforehand.
Also, there are dudes selling fireworks from their sheds, garages and even the back of their cars.
Even weirder, you can buy them at the supermarket, along with other essential home items, like eggs, bread and milk. What The?
And today, to my great delight, quite a few bangers went off from a guy's van, just up the road from the post office. A few of them shot, smoking, out into the middle of the road.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: There is always something happening in Auckland!
Speaking of which, the other day a young woman walked up Queens Street, dressed in black and - wearing her hot pink undies over the top of her clothes. If only I'd had my camera!

Fancy a few fireworks with your food? (Apologies for my poor photography skills. That is why I am a journalist and not a photographer)!

Delights of the World anyone?
Seriously, I do pity the animals though, and parents of small children. Keep them safe tonight!


Honey the Great Dane said...

Have to say, I'm NOT so delighted when fireworks season comes round...not so much the fireworks themselves but the stupid, irresponsible things people do with them (last year, several teenage boys were arrested for tying a firework to the tail of a kitten...the poor thing had to be put down) - thankfully, Honey is not remotely bothered by fireworks but I do pity many of those pet owners with animals who are seriously traumatised by them!


Chickie Little said...

Yeah my puppy got a bit edgy last night - his first Guy Fawkes and all.
Fireworks being sold in supermarkets are common in New Zealand. Can't say much for the garages and car boots though - dodgy Aucklanders! I'm an ex JAFA so I understand :)

Jayne said...

Hi, found you from teh awesome Kelley :)

Just found out (from this fab Kiwi, Lisa that Guy Fawkes was still celebrated in NZ.

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

Wow, in the supermarket?

We used to get MPS's brother to smuggle some down from Canberra and then let them off in the street. We would all stand around oooohing and ahhhhhing until the cops came and we would all hide!

They are illegal here!

MrsDesperate said...

Yes, I always feel sorry for the animals
Haha, about dodgy Aucklanders, I certainly don't think I would be buyin any fireworks out the back of a car.
And Jayne, yes Kelley is teh awesome!
Finally, Kelley I think it's weird too, as we don't have them back home either.
Kids really wanted to celebrate, but a friend of my husband lost an eye courtesy of fireworks when he was young - so we steer well clear of them!