Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Karma anyone?

New Zealanders can be funny buggers.
One of my favourite things is trawling through www.trademe.co.nz - kind of like a Kiwi version of ebay, but more human.
Regular readers will remember my delight in seeing kiwi-shaped feijoas and penis-shaped oranges for sale - and actually being sold too!
Which sparked a frenzied, but short-lived obsession for fruit and vegie fondling, as I tried vainly to find my own money-making unusual-shaped produce.
Anyway, this week, an enterprizing Kiwi dude is selling ... karma. And not just any karma, but Good Karma! (You can never have too much Good Karma).
The owner claims he's been secretly storing up karma over the past two years by doing good deeds. Things like paying for lunch with friends (sometimes even with his own credit card), and helping old ladies across the road (whether they want to go or not!)
Anyway, this extremely virtuous citizen has so much Good Karma, he has no need for the excess and is offering it to cashed-up peeps in need. The starting bid is NZ$20. Go here to check it out.
The Good Karma comes with an original letter of authenticity.
You've got to love Kiwi Ingenuitity!

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Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Haha! I know some people that could definitely use some good karma so I might forward the link onto them! :P