Monday, November 2, 2009

I want candy!

It's been even busier than usual for the Aussies in Auckland.
First, Husband's Mum arrived for a visit from sunny Queensland. The kids got an early mark off school so they could pick her up from the airport, much to their pleasure.
We spent a very pleasant weekend, eating and drinking far too much! The kids have also enjoyed showing off their swimming, reading, and gymnastics skills.
Of course, Saturday night was Halloween, and after experiencing their first in Auckland last year, our own little monsters were raring to go!
Later, we ended up at our local pub, The Drake, for dinner. It's a relaxed kind of place, and best of all, it's within walking distance (although poor Nana regretted not wearing a jacket!)
Finally, Miss 6 and I were greeted like minor celebrities when we arrived at school on Monday.
Why? I'd been featured in a story about Mummy Bloggers in the New Zealand Herald's Canvas magazine over the weekend, and H. was in the photo with me. (Mr 8 could have been too, but the publicity-shy one declined).
As a journalist, it's not a big deal for me to feature in the media (after all, if I expect other people to do it, I have to be prepared to join in too). But it was cute to see how impressed H.'s little friends were.
Look out! There's another media diva in the making!

Missy eating chips and aioli at The Drake

My pan seared salmon with asparagus and capers

C. happy with his adult portion of gunard and chips - no kids' meals for him!

Husband's cottage pie and chips - the ultimate in comfort food!

A platter of yummies to share

Nana gets some kiddie love!

The kids knocked high and low in their search for Halloween lollies.

Miss 6 was a princess, and Mr 8 was a monster

Miss 6: You don't have to be evil on Halloween

Mr 8: What's the point if you can't be evil?


Chickie Little said...

Lol. Your kids are so cute!

The food at Drake looks awesome. I wouldn't mind having that platter right about now...

Funny that I posted a comment on your blog earlier, unbeknownst that you were posting one on mine!

Juli Ryan said...

Congratulations on the NZ Herald!

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

Now I am hungry.

You won't forget the little people when you are a rich and famous blogger now will you?

Honey the Great Dane said...

Hey! Congrats on the Herald article! You didn't tell me about that - I would have looked out for it!

Kids looked so cute in their gender stereotyping there, then, huh?! ;-)

And as usual - GORGEOUS pictures of food making me hungry whenever I visit your blog!! :-)


MrsDesperate said...

Ha ha Chickie Little, I guess great minds think alike.
Thanks all for the congratulations on the article. It was fun - don't think I'll be giving up my day job anytime soon though...
Honey, don't worry, am sure Hsin-Yi and I will enjoy some yumy food together soon! x