Thursday, November 12, 2009

A taste of France

When Nana came to stay recently we asked her if she had any requests, in regard to sightseeing. Her immediate reply, after reading my blogs (Tourism New Zealand, you really should start kicking back...) was to visit a few markets I've written about.
So off we went to one of the nicest markets we've come across in Auckland - La Cigale in Parnell.. Even though it was probably the least friendly. At least on our first visit.
On our first visit, we couldn't get near the cheese-tasting area, and a nasty man whipped a chair out from beneath Husband's bottom as he was about to sit down. People pushed in and rushed past, and almost knocked over the kids who got rather upset.
But still - the food and produce - was lovely.
So we tried again.
This time we went early, and the market was a lovely experience. People were friendly and laid-back. Tastings were available and the kids got loads of attention, much to their pleasure. Many stall-holders had brought their very friendly dogs, and there was room for everyone. (Except at the cheese-tasting stall.)
We enjoyed a few nice coffees, breakfast, and picked up plenty of produce to enjoy back home.
Ham on the bone ... sandwich, anyone?
You can buy pretty much anything here!
Handsome young man

Missy enjoys her first chocolate eclair.

Mmm ... eclairs
Husband's sausage with emmental cheese in a fresh baguette

Mr 8 loves raclette and potatoes!


Sweets anyone?
Paella being prepared

Yummy asparagus
Mr 8 - loving the salmon and tuna


Juli Ryan said...

That market looks incredible. I want to visit.

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

ooooh you are making me hungry.

And really really jealous.

Can I come and stay too?

~ Jan ~ said...

Hey there...just found your it! I used to be an Aussie expat in the USA...funny how as expats, we ALWAYS take photos of food. Cheers! :)

PaisleyJade said...

Hi there... found your blog from here:

Awesome to meet some more Kiwi bloggers!!