Friday, November 27, 2009

Paradise found!

I was amazed at how well I coped without social media in Samoa.
Okay, so the internet was slow and unreliable at best ... we had to go into Apia at one stage to get an emailed document printed out because we couldn't do it at our hotel!
Honestly, I thought I'd get twitchy fingers not being to update regularly. Instead, I found it easy to chill out - reading books by the pool, treating myself to a massage, walking the beach, feeding fish with the kids, and just being in the moment.

Rush hour at Aggie Grey's Lagoon Beach Resort and Spa ... we're off for drinks and the evening torch ceremony, then dinner.

Catching crabs. No really!

Miss 6 loved the tropical attire

Male bonding

Chilling out and wondering what to do next. Pool? Kid's Club? Feeding the fish? It's a tough life!


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Haha I love that rush hour pic! Lots of big smiles in these photos :)

MrsDesperate said...

It really was the most blissful place. I was the most relaxed I've ever been since pre-kids - there was something for all of us! Highly recommend it.